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  • Triaxians

    Triaxians are the dominant race on the planet [[Triaxus]], a world whose erratic orbit causes exceptionally long and disparate seasons. Though eerily similar to humans, elves, and the other mammalian humanoids common on Golarion, Triaxians have developed …

  • Zemira

    Dr Zemira is a professor of archeology at [[Low Bridge University]] in [[Preita]], where she specializes in Cage Studies. She is dedicated to her school and is passionate about the rivalry with [[Triaxus University]]. She is offering a directed studies …

  • Lyessa

    Lyessa is an archeology grad student who works as a TA for [[:zemira|Dr Zemira]].

  • Trixie Longtooth

    Trixie Longtooth was abandoned at birth due to looking wolf-like. She grew up in an orphanage, but was kicked out when she was sixteen years old. She lived on her own in the streets until she fought in the war. There she befriended a general, [[:jaxonroe- …