Toilday, Rova 4: The students meet with Dr Zemira, then leave Low Bridge University. They travel to Sunrise Beach then teleport to Golarion. They arrive near Magnimar, escape a bear, and meet Kasadei. They get some sleep in the Old Fang.
Wealday, Rova 5: They get up very early and track down Natalya Vancaskerkin‘s current residence. They fight Terisha and three others, capturing two of them. They interrogate their prisoners (Bethania and Delia) and release them. They then return to the Old Fang and rest for a bit. During the day they do a bit of shopping, and address the fact that Corwyn has received an additional assignment from Dr Rastoliu to go to the Stone of the Seers (a local school) and acquire copies of two new spells created there. Each of the students gives a guest lecture in exchange for this. They also receive an invitation to dine with the mayor on Fireday evening.
Oathday, Rova 6: They enter Natalya’s residence and fight the goblins she was leading then captured her. Elalinda picked up an artifact and was affected by the Curse of Pride. The students handed Natalya over to Kasadei, then visited the Stone of the Seers to have Leis Nivlandis examine the artifact. He told them to put an ioun stone in it to fully activate it.
Fireday, Rova 7: The group goes shopping and prepares for dinner. They purchase and install the appropriate ioun stone (albeit a very inferior version) and discover the location of the next shard: the Magnimarian piling known as the Crow. They decide not to go there until after they’ve dined with the mayor. Other guests at the dinner were Bevaluu Zimantiu, Ismeir Odinburge, Sabriyya Kalmeralm, and Verine Caiteil. Verine invited the students to stay in her manor house.
Starday, Rova 8: The students board the yacht Freedom, which takes them to the Crow. They enter and fight several Tower Girls. They hand them over to the city watch for a reward, then go shopping.

Sunday, Rova 9: They go back to the Crow. They defeat several more Tower Girls, and open a door that has been sealed for millennia. Pressing through the door, the group explores a little until they are driven back by a swarm of bats. They return to the yacht, then hand the Tower Girls over to the guard. That evening they have dinner with Verine Caiteil and her chosen guests.
Moonday, Rova 10: The students have a lovely breakfast then return to the Crow. They vanquish the bats and take on some evil fey and their giant insect servants. After exhausting their resources they return to the manor house for some rest.
Toilday, Rova 11: The students escort some of Sabriyya’s workers into the Crow to recover her father’s remains. The workers leave and the students continue down into the Crow. They discover more mites and giant bugs, and defeat them. They descend to where the rooms seem to be spreading out more widely than the diameter of the Crow, and they meet (and capture) an ancient sinspawn. They also discover what seems to be an endless fountain of healing. They return to the mainland and tell Master Nivlandis about the sinspawn.
Wealday, Rova 12: Camilo and Tran Zusk join the directed studies class and teleport to the Cage. The entire group gathers up some other students from the Stone of the Seers and they all enter the Crow. After retrieving the sinspawn, Master Nivlandis’s students return to the mainland; the LBU students continue exploring. They meet the Suzerain of Little Erebus, who charges them to help defeat Lord Baz. They are unimpressed. Armath wishes to make a fire elemental into a pet, or possibly a companion. They chase away Lord Baz but decline to mention this to the suzerain. They defeat some aquatic seaspawn and keep them alive while transporting them back to the Stone of the Seers. They have dinner with their hostess, who has some other local elves in to join them.
Oathday, Rova 13: Master Nivlandis and Alelda Avaulnen use teleportation magic to transport all six LBU students to Kaer Maga, where they meet with Dola Rocksplitter. She keeps their existing ancient finds and lends them a portable hole for future finds.
Fireday, Rova 14: Master Nivlandis and Alelda teleport the LBU students back to Magnimar. The six of them return to the Crow, where they meet Max Scarnetti and his zombie minions. They defeat him, and accept his surrender. They explore further, and after defeating a hellhound they close a tiny portal to Hell. Descending into what seem to be some sewers they fight some derro then descend a very long way to a chamber guarded by two shriezyx. The students defended themselves against the shriezyx as best they could but were quickly overwhelmed. Elalinda used the interplanetary teleportation artifact to whisk them all to her home on Castrovel.

Time spent on Castrovel: The students meet Elalinda’s mother and father. They defeat a young marax.

Moonday, Rova 17: Very early in the morning the students arrive back in Magnimar. They rest, then take the Freedom to the Crow. They travel all the way down to the shriezyx and defeat them, recovering the shard of greed. They explore the remainder of the level, then go a very, very long way down and extremely wide and ancient stairway. They find themselves in the room of an enormous cavern. They see much glowing fungus at one end and the lights of a settlement at the other end. They return to Magnimar. Alelda buys Corwyn dinner.
Toilday, Rova 18: They teleport to Kaer Maga and sell all of their antiquities.
Wealday, Rova 19: They teleport back to Magnimar. Alelda sends Tzizz back to the plane of fire. They do some shopping in the Bazaar of Sails.
Oathday, Rova 20: They set sail in the early morning on the Freedom, arriving near the Lady’s Light soon after dark. They approach a hut, where Maroux is waiting for them. They get into a confrontation with her, but defuse it. She tells them to come back in the morning.
Fireday, Rova 21: They give Maroux a gift basket and befriend her. She tells them about the reptile creatures in the swamp (the troglodytes and boggards). They approach the troglodytes with a grift of returning a stolen child of the tribe, which succeeds beyond all expectations. The tribe grants them passage through their tunnels. They pass some tentacle fungi, then fight some giant bugs and some constructs. Trixie’s sword is badly damaged. They try to fix it, but Armath gets bored and draws attention to them. Two assassin bugs crawl out of the shaft The heroes defeat them, then decide to rest. During the night many little solifugids investigate the dead bug bodies.
Starday, Rova 22: The group descends the shaft, being careful to leave a long, knotted rope so that they could climb back up later. They discovered a sarcophagus with a clone of Sorshen, and Corwyn triggered a trap that caused her to wake up inside the clone body. The students took some rowboats upriver, where Corwyn successfully commanded some water elementals. They then sailed downriver where they defeated a glass golem. They discovered the corpses of some Grey Maidens of Korvosa buried nearby. They entered an underground complex and successfully fooled a man with undead blood, but were discovered when some statue heads revealed that Corwyn was an imposter. They free the man from mind control, and together defeat the statue heads. He tells them about the complex before leaving. They press on and end up fighting a demon who brings in the person who claims to be the real Sorshen. They blind her and she teleports away. They disarm the demon and then he teleports away. They go back to the beach and rest for the night.

Sunday, Rova 23: They go back to the room where they found the demon, but he isn’t there. In the next room they find four daemons. They kill one and go through a secret door. One of the daemons follows them, and they kill it. They find a way to teleport down, and take it. A giant is waiting for them there, and while they’re fighting her the incubus from the previous day shows up. They manage to kill the incubus before it can teleport away, and they also slay the giant. They take two rowboats from there platform where they’d arrived via teleport and start rowing. They slay some undead humans and drive off some skavelings and giant eels. Beaching their rowboats, they defeat ten Grey Maidens and push into a tunnel, where they defeat some fuath gremlins and a sea hag. After rescuing Helanda Mertien they allow her to tend to the fallen Grey Maidens. The students hole up in a side hall and get some rest.
Monday, Rova 24: Pressing on, they enter the dorm area where the Grey Maidens had been staying. They discover a secret door and find a shrine guarded by shadow mastiffs. By answering a riddle they are teleported elsewhere in the complex, where they enter a grand ballroom full of illusions. They dispatch the guardian and locate a secret door into a room with several more Grey Maidens, including Quenelle Page. They defeat those Grey Maidens as well as the reinforcements in the adjacent room, and decide to rest for the remainder of the day. In order to facilitate this, they seek out and open another secret door, which leads to a number of vampiric mists. After defeating the mists they set up watch and sleep.
Toilday, Rova 25: The six of them finish exploring their level, killing some babau demons and learning important information about Sorshen’s final resting place, then ascend into the interior of the Lady’s Light. They solve a puzzle and meet Oriana, whom they free from mind control. She is infurated, and goes immediately to Sorshen’s boudoir. Following her, the students summon an earth elemental and defeat the false Sorshen (who turns out to be an aludemon). They search the remainder of the complex, create an alchemical solution to the infertility of the troglodytes, deliver it, visit Maroux, find Gnaeus Gnaru, and return to Freedom.
Wealday, Rova 26: Freedom leaves the area around the Lady’s Light and sails for Magnimar. They learn that Magnimar has enacted new laws targetting visitors from other worlds. Some of them visit the Stone of the Seers and arrange for teleportation to Kaer Maga.
Oathday, Rova 27: They teleport to Kear Maga. Gnaeus Gnaru goes with them. Elalinda gives him 500 gp before saying goodbye to help him start his new life. Elalinda then meets Vargun and learns that Augustille has been kidnapped by the Ardoc family.

Fireday, Kuthona 28: The class is due back in Dr Zemira’s office.

Red text denotes future events.


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