Sini Ramla


female winterborn triaxian


Private Ramla served in the same squad as Private Longtooth in the 18th Regiment. She and Trixie were lovers until two years ago, when Trixie left to attend Low Bridge University. The break-up was a mutual agreement; they never saw each other again. Private Ramla was killed in action last month, defending the lives of some civilians who got too close to the front. She drew fire from an airborne attacker, and her heroism enabled the rest of the squad to get the civilians to safety. She has posthumously been awarded the Triaxian Purple Heart. Since Trixie was unable to attend the funeral, she mourned with the traditional Day of Fasting, followed by the Day of Silence, then the Day of Reflection, and finally the Feast of the Honoured Dead.

Sini Ramla

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