Runelord of Pride


male human


The Runelord of Pride was Xanderghul, Satrap of Cyrusian and holder of the Peacock Throne. The strongest of the seven runelords, Xanderghul was one of only two runelords to rule his domain for the entirety of Thassilon’s history (the other being Sorshen, the Runelord of Lust). Xanderghul was a high-ranking member of Azlant’s aristocracy who saw the ancient empire as moribund and weak, and left with Xin to found a new kingdom in exile where he could rule in splendour and honest pride. Although he was one of seven runelords, Xanderghul believed his status as one of Xin’s original confidantes made him first among equals. He was known by many titles, including Lord of Illusion and Master of the Unblinking Eye, and after Xin’s death, Xanderghul proclaimed himself the Heir of First King Xin and Rightful Emperor of Thassilon. Later, he even put himself forward as a claimant to the throne of Azlant just before Earthfall laid low the first human empire.


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