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  • Somal Humans

    Many thousands of years ago the Azlanti established a penal colony on the moon. Today the colony still exists, with the residents always on the alert for demonic incursions from the Moonscar. They also maintain the airlocks into the extensive underground …

  • Natalya Vancaskerkin

    [[:ayala-javeski |Ayala]] offered to change Natalya into a wererat. Natalya accepted the offer, but it hasn't happened yet. She was captured by the LBU students and handed over to the city watch. h4. Play History h6. 2014 *January 18* Kurt

  • Oriana

    Commander of a mercenary band of unrepentant Grey Maidens and compelled by a deep-seated need for vengeance, Oriana hopes some day to retake the rule of her beloved [[Korvosa]] in Queen Ileosa’s honour. Her second-in-command is [[:quenelle-page]].

  • Terisha Skiloni

    Terisha was second-in-command of the Tower Girls until she was captured by the students and turned over to the Magnimar city watch. h4. Play History h6. 2014 *January 18* Alanna

  • Sorshen

    Sorshen was the Runelord of Lust and Lady of Eurythnia. She always wore red and white garments of the richest and most enticing design and carried a slim, lewdly-shaped staff made entirely of mithril. In battle, she was said to wield a double-headed …

  • Berkanin Ardoc

    Berkanin Ardoc was a tall, thin man in his early thirties, with clean-cut good looks and finely tailored, close-fitting robes festooned with pouches, bandoleers, and strange, mechanical devices. Berkanin captured and imprisoned [[:augustille]], which …

  • Hasari

    Hasari grew up among Kaer Maga’s Sweettalkers, a group whose members believe themselves to be unworthy of speech and thus sew their own mouths shut. She later joined the Brothers of the Seal and trained with them for many years, leaving the society only …

  • King Xin

    King Xin left the continent of Azlant and journeyed to the land known today as Varisia, where he founded the empire of [[Thassilon]].

  • Sabriyya Kalmeralm

    Princess Sabriyya Kalmeralm is known as the de facto ruler of the Bazaar of Sails. She takes care of policing her own. The daughter of the first Prince of the Market, Nazir Kalmeralm, who disappeared in 4679, Sabriyya is well-loved by most of the bazaar’s …

  • Haldmeer Grobaras

    Lord Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras of Magnimar became mayor of Magnimar in 4700. Undisputedly the most politically powerful man in Magnimar, he is a paunchy, self-serving politico more concerned with his own comforts than the needs of the underprivileged he …

  • Bevaluu Zimantiu

    Bevaluu Zimantiu prefers to live a quiet life tending temple grounds. Twice yearly she goes on month-long journeys to commune with the Song of the Spheres, at which point she hand-selects local Desnans for the great honour of watching the tower while she’ …

  • Kasadei

    Kasadei is an officer of the Magnimarian city watch. She is generally assigned to the Arvensoar.

  • Proctor Jyronn Imikar

    Dozens of acolytes, priests, and paladins serve at the Magnimarian temple of Abadar, all under the commanding yet fair leadership of Proctor Jyronn Imikar—a man who, in his younger days, had the pleasure of serving the Ruby Prince of Osirion as an acolyte …

  • Ismeir Odinburge

    Commander Ismeir Odinburge—a competent, sober, and honest but inflexible, man—serves as Lord of the Tower and leader of Magnimar’s military forces (including, ultimately, the city watch).

  • Spotty Maglin

    Spotty wanted desperately to be a pirate, but is prone to terrible bouts of seasickness. He now serves as a cleric of Besmara at her shrine near the Bazaar of Sails in [[Magnimar]].

  • Yazlenda

    Yazlenda was one of the Tower Girls. She was killed by the PCs while they were investigating the Crow (in spite of their best efforts to keep her alive).

  • Alaznist

    Thassilon’s final Runelord of Wrath was Alaznist, Queen of Bakrakhan, a specialist in wrath magic—now called evocation—and a powerful arcane knight. Alaznist was of noble birth, born to wealth amid the aristocracy of the city of Xin-Bakrakhan.

  • Xanderghul

    The Runelord of Pride was Xanderghul, Satrap of Cyrusian and holder of the Peacock Throne. The strongest of the seven runelords, Xanderghul was one of only two runelords to rule his domain for the entirety of [[Thassilon]]'s history (the other being [[: …

  • Max Scarnetti

    Max Scarnetti died about twenty years ago. He has travelled a bit since then, but mostly hangs out in Magnimar. [[:suzerain-of-little-erebus|The Suzerain of Little Erebus]] approached Max and offered to help him gain devil minions. The suzerain also …

  • Amando Nirodin

    Amando lives in a townhouse in Upper [[Magnimar]] and is often seen around Nirodin Villa (his sister's home, and where he himself grew up). [[:haldmeer-grobaras|Lord Mayor Grobaras]] has just pushed through his appointment to the Council of Ushers. …

  • Loris Ethmaed

    Loris Ethmaed (né Needa) was born on the planet [[Akiton]] but moved to the planet [[Castrovel]] in his early twenties. Once there he met and married [[:eldina-ethmaed]], and took her family name. They had [[:armath-ethmaed|one son]] before Loris …

  • Belimarius

    Belimarius was the final Runelord of Envy and Queen of Edasseril. An unsurpassed practitioner of the magic of envy—now called abjuration—Belimarius was famous for her memory-stealing halberd made of gold and mithril.

  • Karzoug

    The wizard Karzoug was Thassilon’s eighth and last Runelord of Greed and ruler of the domain of Shalast. He was rumoured to either be half-vampire or have the blood of dragons in his veins.

  • Krune

    Thassilon’s last Runelord of Sloth was Krune, Lord of Haruka and High Priest of Lissala, the Thassilonian goddess of runes, fate, and the rewards of service. Krune began his studies of sloth magic—now known as conjuration—in the Great Temple of Lissala in …

  • Zutha

    The final Runelord of Gluttony was Zutha, the Lord of Gastash, an undead creature not unlike a lich, but even more powerful, horrible, and unique.

  • Helanda Mertien

    Helanda Mertien is faithful to [[:oriana]], but suspicious of the so-called Sorshen. When she expressed her suspicions, Sorshen gave her to [[:daefu]] so that she couldn't sow discontent among the other Grey Maidens.

  • Merriman Ardoc

    As the current patriarch of the family, Merriman Ardoc has ruled long enough to see the youngest members become old men, but the eyes above his short grey beard are still sharp, and few actions in Bis escape his notice.