Character Creation Guidelines

Each character is a student at Low Bridge University on Triaxus. The group will be transported to The Cage (aka Golarion) in order to reassemble an ancient artifact. None of the students have been to The Cage before.

Studies at LBU take place in Draconic. Player characters must therefore have Draconic as one of their languages.

Almost all of the students at LBU are Triaxians, but there is still a significant alien segment of the student body. Guidelines for creating a character are included in each racial page. If you create a character with a class from a source other than the core rules please be prepared to bring that source to the games.

Note that each world has its own pantheon of deities, and any players who want to take a class that includes divine spellcasting should request their world’s known gods.

Each student has one campaign trait explaining the source of that student’s tuition payments. Most students will have a balance of 150 gold deposited at the LBU branch of the Bank of Abadar, depending on the trait chosen. In addition to this, each player has a masterwork backpack with the school crest, a scholar’s outfit, and a cold weather outfit (all in school colours). Each player may also specify one item appropriate to their character that is being brought along (subject to GM approval).

The player characters are the students in the directed studies course supervised by Dr Zemira. The class will have one semester to enter The Cage and retrieve the Sihedron. Returning with the Sihedron means that the entire class gets an A and Dr Zemira will write letters of recommendation for each student to the grad school of their choice. Dr Zemira will be sending certain items belonging to the university along with the students, who will be responsible for their safe return.

The class is open to second-, third-, and fourth-year students. Each character has a number of levels of expert equal to the number or years of study already completed. This is in addition to what they have as a starting PC. Expert class skills must be defined at character creation. Characters have two extra ability score build points per school year completed (ie level of expert). Anyone who has completed second year gains a bonus feat. Anyone who has completed third year gains a rogue trick. Students who have completed their third year must declare a major.


  • Each PC is a member of one of the available races.
  • That race’s character creation guidelines supply ability score build points. Monstrous humanoids begin play with racial hit dice, while humanoid races begin with a level of the class of their choice from the available sources.
  • Each PC has one standard trait and one campaign trait.
  • Each character has a masterwork backpack, a scholar’s outfit, a cold weather outfit, any equipment provided by traits, and one additional item appropriate to the character (eg a wizard taking a spellbook). They may access their bank accounts from any branch of the Bank of Abadar for a 1% transaction fee.
  • Each character has one hero point.

Character Creation Guidelines

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