Thousands of years ago the formian colonies on Castrovel fought each other for territories, which the elves and lashunta leveraged to their own advantage. Realizing this, the colonies unified to form the Glorious and Undeniable Dominion of All Beneath Moon and Soil, under the rulership of the Overqueen. In the millennia since, the colonies have completely conquered one continent and set their eyes on the others.

Sometimes a colony will send out a lone worker with a seemingly insane mission on the off chance that she will succeed to the great benefit of all. This could theoretically take her as far as Triaxus to study at university, with the understanding that she will return to the colony after graduation and telepathically share all of her learning with her queen.

Lone formian workers are very vulnerable to threats, and are considered expendable by their colonies. The most common choice of favoured enemy among travelling formian workers is the elves. All formian workers are sterile females.

Racial Traits

Monstrous Humanoid: Formian workers have a humanoid shape from the waist up, but below that have insectoid bodies.
+2 Strength, +2 Constitution, –2 Charisma: Formian workers are built for labour, not socializing.
Medium: Formian workers are Medium creatures and receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Fast Speed: Formian workers are quick on their feet, and have a base speed of 40 feet.
Burrow Speed: A formian worker can tunnel through dirt, but not through rock. They cannot charge or run while burrowing, and they do not leave behind tunnels other creatures can use.
Darkvision: Formian workers can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
Blindsense: Formian workers have blindsense (but not blindsight) up to 30 feet away.
Able Assistant (Ex): When a formian worker succeeds at an aid another check or attack roll that aids another hive mate within its telepathy range, it grants a +4 bonus on the skill check, on the attack roll, or to AC instead of the normal +2.
Hive Mind (Ex): Formians share a telepathic bond with other members of their hive that enhances their hive mates’ perception. As long as a formian is within telepathic range of at least one hive mate, it gains a +4 racial bonus on initiative checks and Perception checks. If at least one formian disbelieves an illusion, all formians within its telepathic range are also considered to disbelieve that illusion. If one formian is aware of combatants, all other hive mates within the range of its telepathy are also aware of those combatants.
Natural Attack: Formian workers can attack with their mandibles, giving them a 1d6 bite attack.
Peerless Bearer (Ex): Workers are able to bear remarkable burdens for their size. They have a +5 racial bonus to Strength when calculating the effects of encumbrance.
Quadruped: Formian workers possess four legs and two arms, granting them a +4 racial bonus to CMD against trip attempts. Most magic items occupying the foot slot will not work for formian workers without modification.
Sound Habituation: The constant noise (particularly related to blindsense) of a hive of formians gives its members resistance 10 to sonic damage.
Telepathic Caster (Ex): Due to a formian’s telepathic nature, if it casts spells it does so as spell-like abilities.
Telepathy: Formian workers have telepathy with a 60 foot range.
Undersized Weapons (Ex): Formian workers use Small-size equipment even though they take up as much space as a Medium creature.
Languages: Formian workers begin play speaking Elvish (as well as being telepathic). Formian workers with high Intelligence scores may choose from the following bonus languages: Akitonian, Celestial, Draconic, Infernal, Lashunta, Triaxian, and Vercite.

Formian workers enter university with one monstrous humanoid racial hit die and no class levels. They have 19 points to spend on ability scores. The only campaign traits available to formian workers are Deceiving the Hive, Draconic Patron, and Honours Student.

Formian workers begin play proficient with all simple weapons but with no armour or shields.

No formian worker attending Low Bridge University will ever be able to cast arcane spells. Such workers are rare and thus too valuable to the colony to send off-world.


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