The lashunta are the primary race of Castrovel, called “the Green Planet” for its steaming jungles. Though the women look like idealized elves or humans—save for the twitching antennae sprouting from their foreheads—their men are squat, hairy, and broad-shouldered, with a fierce and confrontational demeanor. Both genders excel at scholarship, and the race boasts a large number of telepaths and telekinetics, in addition to conventional magic-users. This ability to create mental or empathic bonds is particularly prevalent among female warriors, who form close connections with their saurian mounts. Female lashunta are typically 6 feet tall and weigh 140 pounds. The males of the race are usually 5 feet tall and weigh 200 pounds.

The lashunta consider the formians to be the greatest threat to their civilization. One continent of Castrovel has already been completely conquered by the antfolk, and it is no secret that the formian matriarchs have allied to strategize about conquering the rest of the world. Monstrous Humanoid is consequently the most common favoured enemy among the lashunta.

Lashunta Racial Traits

+2 Intelligence: Lashunta are almost universally intelligent and eager to learn.
Sexual Dimorphism: Male and female lashunta have very different body and personality types, more so than most humanoid species. Male lashunta are muscular (+2 Strength) and often brash and unobservant (–2 Wisdom). Female lashunta, though beautiful and commanding (+2 Charisma), lack the males’ rugged builds (–2 Constitution).
Lashunta Magic: A lashunta possessing an Intelligence score of 11 or higher gains the following spell-like abilities: At will—daze, mage hand; 1/day—detect thoughts. The caster level for these effects is equal to the lashunta’s class levels.
Knowledgeable: A lashunta gains a +2 racial bonus to any one Knowledge skill.
Limited Telepathy: A lashunta is able to mentally communicate with any creature within 30 feet with whom she shares a language. Otherwise this ability is identical to the telepathy ability.
Languages: Lashunta begin play speaking Lashunta and Elvish. Lashunta with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Azlanti, Akitonian, Celestial, Draconic, Sylvan, Triaxian, and Vercite.

Lashunta PCs have 17 points to spend on ability scores. They enter university with one class level.


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