Golarion’s moon (called Somal by the ancient Azlanti) was born long before life arose on either world, likely broken off from its parent in a massive meteor strike while Golarion was still forming. With only 7 percent of Golarion’s surface area and a sixth of the gravity, the new moon was immediately caught in the planet’s orbit and tidally locked, meaning that though the sun shines on all sides of the moon, the same face always presents itself to Golarion. For millennia, while life appeared and flourished on Golarion, the planet’s moon remained cold and geologically dead, with no atmosphere and only a meteorite- pocked crust of grey dust and black, volcanic maria.

All that changed with the coming of the Azlanti. More than 12 000 years ago, when Azlant was at its height, there was little that its people could not do. Yet along with power came a sense of entitlement, a need to extend their reach. And what could be a more obvious statement of power than the subjugation of the moon? They established a penal colony on the moon’s “dark side,” a tenuous city of domes and bunkers whose atmosphere was created and regulated by magical machines. Here the government sent political prisoners deemed too dangerous to be allowed to remain on Golarion, yet too valuable to kill, imprisoning them where the constant labour to maintain their life-support machines would keep them busy, yet still available should the Azlanti require some knowledge they possessed. After Azlant’s fall, the city of convicts self-organized and continued on much as it always had.

Available Classes

Somal society heavily discouraged ranged combat as well as anything that might put additional strain on the life support magic. No classes or archetypes emphasizing these concepts are available on this world.


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